Hokkaido is one of the most beautiful places in Japan.
It is truly special to witness the unique nature that can only be found in Hokkaido.

With vast meadows, lavender fields in the summer, and straight roads that stretch into the distance,
Hokkaido offers a variety of landscapes that are exclusive to the region, and their beauty is particularly noteworthy.

Hokkaido pre-wedding shoots warmly and beautifully capture the joy of marriage amid the beautiful nature of Hokkaido.

Summer Furano Pre Wedding

Summer Furano Pre Wedding

Autumn Sapporo Pre Wedding

Autumn Sapporo Pre Wedding

Niseko Pre Wedding

Niseko Pre Wedding

Spring Biei Pre Wedding

Spring Biei Pre Wedding

Autumn Biei Wedding

Autumn Biei Wedding

Otaru Wedding

Otaru Wedding

Summer Tokachi Pre Wedding

Summer Tokachi Pre Wedding

AutumnBiei Wedding

AutumnBiei Wedding

Winter Sapporo Pre Wedding

Winter Sapporo Pre Wedding

2024 Summer Hokkaido Photo session

Long-term stay
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In 2024, during the summer, we will have an extended stay in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido in the summer offers numerous special locations

Lavender fields in Furano
Expansive greenery in Biei and Tokachi
Untouched landscapes in Eastern Hokkaido

Capture the beauty of summer in Hokkaido with a pre-wedding photoshoot, done with all our hearts.

In our most popular 1-DAY PLAN, enjoy the flexibility of costume changes, casual wear photos,
and even capture moments during long-distance travel.

Let’s spend delightful days in the summer landscapes of Hokkaido together.

Summer Photo Gallery

Summer Hokkaido pre wedding
Summer Hokkaido pre wedding
Summer Hokkaido pre wedding
Summer Hokkaido pre wedding
Summer Hokkaido pre wedding
Summer Hokkaido pre wedding
Summer Hokkaido pre wedding
Summer Hokkaido pre wedding
Summer Hokkaido pre wedding

The four seasons of Hokkaido are beautiful.

leveraging its natural wonders and diverse seasons for your pre-wedding photoshoot

Let’s capture the beauty of Hokkaido, the northern jewel of Japan,

Spring Blossoms

In spring, Hokkaido is adorned with cherry blossoms, creating a dreamlike atmosphere.
Trees start budding around May after the snow melts

Spring Blossoms pre wedding

Lush Greenery in Summer

During the brief summer, Hokkaido is enveloped in rich landscapes and vibrant greenery.
From the lavender fields of Furano to expansive meadows,
let’s capture your pre-wedding moments amidst the abundance of nature

summer hokakido pre wedding

Golden Tones of Autumn

As autumn arrives, Hokkaido transforms into a canvas of red,
orange, and warm yellow hues. Iconic locations in Furano and Biei provide the perfect backdrop
to capture the essence of romance.

Autumn  pre wedding

Winter Wonderland

Experience the enchantment of Hokkaido’s winter magic.
Against the serene beauty of Niseko’s snowscapes and the tranquil charm of Biei’s Four Seasons Hill,
your winter photos will be filled with warmth and joy.

winter pre wedding

Distinctive Natural Spots

Hokkaido’s diverse terrain, ranging from mountains to coastlines,
offers various unique spots for your photoshoot.
Locations like Four Seasons Hill and the captivating coast of the Shakotan Peninsula each tell a unique love story
through the changing seasons.

Let’s seize the opportunity to create timeless memories in Hokkaido’s ever-changing seasons and diverse landscapes.
Your pre-wedding journey in Hokkaido promises to be a unique and eternal experience.

About itowa photograph

We are Makibi and Kazu.
We are thrilled to have met you!

We are a professional photography team based in Kyoto.

We visit Hokkaido sporadically. We love Hokkaido.

Hokkaido is incredibly beautiful, with its blue skies, purple lavender, and green meadows.

It offers scenic views that are unique to Hokkaido.

We will be staying in Hokkaido for an extended period

from July to August 2024.

During that time,

we can shoot without any transportation costs to Hokkaido.

We can capture the exclusive landscapes of Sapporo, Niseko, Furano-Biei, Obihiro, Lake Kussharo,

and more, turning them into beautiful photographs

of your special moments.

We will focus solely on capturing your photos and providing you with stunning images that will connect to the future.

Let’s make it a joyful day together.

Thank you.


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Wedding Photo Session

137,500yen(tax in)

Pre Wedding Photo Session

2 hours photo shoot anywhere 


77,000yen (tax in)〜

5H/8H  Shooting
is also possible to change the dress.


Shooting and Photography
All photo editing 

Downloadable Web Album

Not included

Transportation fee
hair and makeup
Accommodation expenses

Introduction of a hair and makeup artist is also possible.

27,500 yen (tax included)〜

We can also introduce a flower bouquet shop.

Introduction of Dresses
Partner stores available in Sapporo and Tokyo.

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